Free Haircuts for JMJ Participants at our centre


Christmas is a season of giving and inspiring good works.  Last holiday season, the team of Captain Barber offered free haircuts and grooming for various JMJ Disability Serv Pty Ltd participants and staff in Darwin. 

Captain Barber is a locally owned business headed by Samuel Flores Mislang, Jr. and has been in operations at Darwin CBD for over 3 years now. They provide high-quality tools and accessories at affordable rates for professionals and those starting out. Captain Barber was inspired by a fictional superhero back in Samuel’s home country, the Philippines. And just like any superhero, the team’s random acts of kindness are truly inspiring.

What started as a home family business during COVID picked up and they’re now looking at opening a second branch. They wish to share their blessings and find ways to give back to the larger community.   When times are hard, haircuts are usually a luxury, so Samuel thought of offering random free haircuts to the homeless on the streets. Captain Barber also supports various fundraisers and charities. The recent of which was the Typhoon Rai fundraiser, of which all proceeds went to a good cause.

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